Work for IGN France International

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Join a well-known export company, a reference in its field. IGN France International promotes the French IGN's expertise around the world and performs 100% of its projects abroad.  

Its expertise comes from both the newest technologies discovered at the French IGN's research laboratories and from the value of its team members, called upon for each of its projects. Its added value is made clear during the often complex project preparation phases and by its ability to mobilise the best technical and institutional experts for its project. 

Joining IGN France International means joining a bold company whose clearly defined ambition is to remain an indisputable reference in geographic information engineering.

IGN France International employs a proactive human resources policy, ensuring the expression of all of our human talent, during each project that it undertakes.

Are you interested in facing challenges abroad? If so, join us! 

For short missions abroad, in the context of one of our many projects

For a job, internship or a VIE (French program for international work)

As a commercial or technical partner