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IGN France International, a major player in the field of geomatics, offers expertise in the various fields it masters, and intervenes in the installation and implementation of projects, from the most simple to the more complex. Its core skills can be grouped into two main categories:

Cartography, NSDI and geographic databases

  • Data acquisition

Aerial photographs, satellite images, field surveys, geodetic networks...

  • Data processing

Orthophotographs, digital terrain or elevation models (DTM, DEM), photogrammetric restitution, 3D models, navigable databases, creation of maps...

  • Modeling

Structuring of information depending on the intended applications

Business solutions with technology transfers

  •  Thematic portals

    Development and installation of web applications: geoportals, touristic portals...

  •  Information systems

    Development and implementation of dedicated information systems: GIS (Geographic Information System), LIS (Land Information System) Provision of geographic information systems, cartographic production software, image processing software...

  •  Production chains 

Implementation of complete cartographic production chains: integration (material, software, geographic data, peripherals...) and the training of personnel 

All of our solutions include a complete technology transfer, often through the training of local teams.


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