Reference3D®: Geographic referential

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Reference3D® is a unique and homogeneous global geographic reference system adapted to the most demanding professionals. 
Reference3D® is the fruit of a strong partnership between the French Defence, the IGN and Spot Image. 


Reference3D® is composed of three layers:   

Digital Elevation Model
Orthoimage database
Metadata for quality and traceability

Reference3D® offers important coverage:  more than 50 million km² are already available. 

Reference3D® supports many applications:   

Image orthorectification
Flight simulation, information for arms systems
Cartographic creation and updating 
Evaluation and foresight in strategic fields

Risk prevention and crisis management








Reference3D®, our geographic reference, targets both public and private actors. 

Public entities:
 Governments that wish to establish a national geographic database
mapping agencies
the defence and civil security
the technical ministries in charge of environment, urban planning

Private entities:
aeronautics, armament, defence
networks and energy
 infrastructures, planning...

Adapted to the most demanding contextes, Reference3D®  has already been adopted by several clients:
European community
United Nations
The French Defence
Several international defense organisations

IGN France International proposes complete assistance, integrating the product adaptation depending on the needs or specific applications, training sessions, exploitation or even the implementation of data processing chains.

Download the Reference3D brochure
Download the Cartography/NSDI brochure
Download the Defence/Civil security brochure