Reference book:European Landscape Dynamics, CORINE Land Cover Data

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Four unique pan-European datasets, the CORINE land cover, that is, CLC1990, CLC2000, CLC2006, and CLC2012 datasets, offer the first time opportunity to observe the European landscape by means of land cover and its change.

It is precisely what this book contains: methodology of identification, analyses and assessment of land cover of Europe and its changes over four time horizons. Also examples are presented in which CLC data play a role in offering solutions to European environment problems such as the monitoring of urban dynamics, land fragmentation, ecosystems mapping and assessment, high nature value farmland characteristic, etc. Additionally, it discusses the future of CLC data generation.

This reference book is a contribution of 4 authors: Jan Feranec - Tomas Soukup - Gerard Hazeu - Gabriel Jaffrain. Gabriel, experienced European expert for the CORINE Land Cover program, is also part of IGN FI's technical team.

Description, table of contents, biographies, reviews: