Jobs, internships, VIE (French international work program)

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Each unique, but all serving the same business plan. IGN France International appreciates all career paths. 


To help anticipate its growth, IGN France International regularly looks for new collaborators in its main technical fields: GIS, geodesy, cadastre, urbanism, agriculture...

Please don't hesitate to offer your services! 



IGN France International welcomes interns each year, under official agreements, for missions in its Parisian headquarters, in one of its international subsidiaries, or in the field.

The content of the internship, proposed by the internship supervisor when applicable, will be validated by both the student and the company.

IGN France International offers its interns a pedogogic and technical aspect that is in sync with the mission's content.


The VIE (Volontariat en Entreprise) is a French program that allows young people (up to 28 years of age) to accomplish professional missions during a flexible period of up to 24 months.

IGN France International favours the VIE because it realised that the professional opportunity that the VIE allows young and motivated candidats to gain valuable experience.

Find out more about the VIE (in French)

 Offer your services for a job, internship or VIE within IGN France International