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Different GNSS systems are used today to achieve accuracies of several millimeters. Thanks to these systems, the field of geodesy has encountered a revolution and provides cartographers and developers with points of reference, growing more accurate with each passing day.
Reduced to a more local scale, metrology allows, through sub-millimeter details, the monitoring of the temporal evolution of structures or also to provide assistance for the implementation of nuclear fusion experiments.

Based on the internationally recognised scientific and practical experience of the Department of Geodesy of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN), IGN France International offers services in the fields of geodesy and metrology.

Sudan  Implantation of a materialised geodetic network for dam construction


Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Denmark  Continued surveillance of buildings during subway construction

The Dams Implementation Unit confided the determination of 14 reference points, spanning the 1,500 km around the Nile fin Sudan, linked to international geodetic references and more than 1,000 detailed points to IGN France International. Their definition by GPS, leveling and gravimetry for others allowed to have the known points at our disposal with a centimetric accuracy as well as a centimetric geoid model for the entire project

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As part of the construction of new transportation infrastructures, it is imperative to be able to detect any disruptions in the neighboring buildings before they become irreversible. IGN France International thus instaled hundreds of automatic measuring stations able to determine thousands of points. These installations allowed the almost instant detection of milimetric movements, and where necessary, the initiation of early warning systems

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Dominican Republic  Installation of permanent stations for cadastral modernisation


French Polynesia  Refection of the geodetic network and training

The Ministry of Justice wished to implement a network of 4 permanent GPS stations. IGN France International installed the stations as well as the data server, then implemented an online diffusion system.
Maintenance of the stations was given during a 4 year period

Download the cadastral modernisation project sheet


IGN France International was chosen to completely revise the Polynesian geodetic network, representing 360 points spread out over a surface area equivalent to Europe.
Training was provided by the geodetic specialist from the IGN. The training program focused on GPS systems, the collection of information in the field, processing this information and its applications. The training was given to several agents from the topographic section of the Service for Urbanism.

Download the geodetic network sheet

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