Environment and Risk management

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The pressure exercised on decision makers concerning the fight to preserve the environment and to develop efficient prevention and risk management policies is stronger and stronger. At a national level, this could mean the creation of geographic reference databases as with the IGN initiative in the context of the Large Scale Referential (RGE).
At a worldwide level, IGN France International has always been a major player in the creation of geographic land occupation databases such as Corine Land Cover (CoORdination de l'INformation sur l'Environnement).

Strengthened by its references which show its ability to integrate European standards and to unite around the different approaches proposed by involved organisations, IGN France International assists those entities wishing to arm themselves with coherent and integrated environmental data.

Sri Lanka • Post-tsunami : aid for reconstruction (Spatial Information Infrastructures Reconstruction Monitoring)   Colombia • Land occupation and carbon storage model

Started immediately after the tsunami that devastated South East Asia in 2004, this project aimed to provide Sri Lanka with up-to-date cartographic data and GIS solutions in the urban planning field. These data formed the basis for cartogrpahic applications cartographiques and GIS oriented towards the reconstruction and development of urban zones considered to be priorities.

See the post-tsunami project sheet


Implemented in 2004, the CORINE Colombia project began over the entire Rio Magdalena hydrolgical basin (more than 234,000 km²). It allowed the estimation of the link between the amount of carbon present in vegetation coverage as well as the variety between time and space while respecting the KYOTO protocol.
The CORINE Colombia database, completed in the beginning of 2007, has become a reference for the establishment of new ecosystem databases.

See the land occupation project sheet

San Salvador/ Guatemala/ Honduras • Adaptation of the CORINE nomenclature (SHERPA)   Roumania • Creation of environmental databases

Since 1999, IGN France International has been trying to sensibilise Central American and Caribbean countries to the interest of the CORINE system. A feasibility study over the Rio Lempa basin was completed in order to better adapt the nomenclature to the regional specificities and to launch environmental applications based on this database.

See the SHERPA project sheet


This project aimed to improve the institutional and administrative abilities of the country at a local, regional and national level, while facilitating the implementation of European legislation by the provision of environmental databases and the creation of a dedicated extranet portal.
It was conducted for the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) and regional environmental protection agencies.

See the environmental database project sheet

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