Energy/Networks: petroleum, gas and electricity

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Those involved in the energy sector are looking to optimise the knowledge of their distribution networks (pipelines, electric lines) in order to reinforce on one hand their ability to intervene, maintain, expand and implement, and on the other hand, to reinforce their contingency plans in case of disaster. They must also adapt to international environmental standards that are becoming more and more stringent, all while maintaining their productivity.

Network managers also need reliable geographic data, turnkey business information systems adapted to the location of their assets, the management of their distribution networks, risk management, the study of new implantation sites.

IGN France International assists them in the implementing customised solutions that range from the simple mapping of a site to the implementation of a comprehensive geographic information system.

Known reference in geographic information, IGN France International assists those involved in the field of energy and brings them a better knowledge of their networks, increased development and reinforced intervention ability.

Niger • Cartography for mining concession


Romania • Creation of a Digital Elevation Model for a telephone company

IGN France International completed the mapping for a mining site and its infrastructures. The contract, whic covered an area of  60,000 hectares, included the delivery of digital and paper maps as well as a digital terrain model. The field work was possible thanks to our network of local partners.


In 1999, a Romanian phone company chose IGN France International for the implantion of their telecommuniction antennas, as well as for the provision of a highly accurate digital elevation model. In order to do so, new aerial photos were taken by the IGN airplanes and total photogrammetric restitution of all urban elements was completed by the IGN's production services and by IGN France International's Romanian subsidiary.

Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan • Design and implementation of a pipeline management system

The services rendered in several Central Asian countries covered the following points: design of a pipeline management system composed of a geographic information system syncronised with the business information system, and its specific applications connected to the system, such as the calculation of maximum pressure, maintenance schedules depending on the state of the material and finally, training.

See the pipeline management project sheet

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