Defence and Civil security: creation of maps, 3D tools, surveillance

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Strengthened by the privileged relationship of the IGN and the French defence, IGN France International offers its expertise in geographic information abroad in the field of civil security and defence.

Creation or updating of specific military maps, boundary marking, 3D visualisation tools for territoires or even surveillance of exposed works, IGN France International assists its clients in the strictest confidentiality via the implementation of customised solutions and reliable and relevant decision support tools.

Qatar/ Saudi Arabia • Marking of international border and determination of boundary lines


Sri Lanka • Post-tsunami : aid for reconstruction (Spatial Information Infrastructures Reconstruction monitoring)

A political agreement called for the demarcation of the border between Saudi Arabia and  Qatar. Both governments chose  IGN France International to determine the exact field position of 6 main border points, the determination of the border demarcation and finally, detailed cartography at different scales of the border zone.

Download the international border project sheet


Started immediately after the tsunami that devastated South East Asia in 2004, this project aimed to provide Sri Lanka with up-to-date cartographic data and GIS solutions in the urban planning field. These data formed the basis for cartogrpahic applications cartographiques and GIS oriented towards the reconstruction and development of urban zones considered to be priorities.

Download the post-tsunami project sheet

Indonesia • Creation of catastrophe management centres


Serbia • Map updating using satellite images

Led by a consortium composed of Astrium, Infoterra and IGN France International, this projet involved the establishment of a national catastrophe management centre in Jakarta as well as three regional centres.
IGN France International was particularly involved in the cartographic part of the project and also provided permanent technical assistance& for the supervision of the centre's set-up, as well as equipment maintenance.

Download the catastrophe management project sheet


IGN France International completed a pilot project for the Serbian military cartographic institute. The goal of the project was to prove that it was possible to update a basic map at 1:25,000 using Spot5 satellite images with 2.5 metres of resolution.
The update, completed in only 3 weeks, was a success.


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