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Find in this section the press releases issued by IGN France International to know more about our projects and our fileds of intervention.


Uganda / LIS: The President of Uganda launches the Lira MZO

The Lira Ministry Zonal Office (MZO) was officially inaugurated on the 2nd of February 2017 in the presence of H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda and Hon. Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Betty Amongi. More than 5000 people attended the event.

Support for demarcating the borders around the Congo: a project to be concluded on November 30th 2016

In July 2015, the Congolese Ministry of the Interior and Decentralisation called on IGN FI to support the country in its exchanges with bordering countries. This project is now drawing to a close and will be concluded on November 30th when Congolese experts and experts from IGN FI will present the project’s results as well as its key lessons.

The baseline mapping project for Mali draws to a close: a successful end-of-project seminar

Held on September 29th at the Azalaï Salam de Bamako hotel, the end-of-project seminar on the baseline 1/200,000 scale mapping project met with great success.
Chaired by the General Secretary of Mali’s Ministry for Equipment, Transport and Development, a representative of the European Union delegation in Mali, the Director General of IGN FI, the Director General of the IGM and the Mayor of ‘Commune 3’ which hosted the event, the seminar brought together over a hundred participants (with around 400 people attending the ‘Universities/National Engineering Schools’ seminar held on September 26th).

New 1/200,000 scale baseline mapping for Mali: The end-of-project seminar will be held on 29th September 2016

After four years’ work, this project to rework Mali’s 1/200,000 scale maps officially comes to a close at the end of September 2016. An end-of-project seminar will be held on 29th September 2016 at the Azalaï Salam de Bamako hotel. 
Organized under the auspices of the Ambassador for the European Union and the Ministry for Equipment, Transport and Development, this event has several objectives. It will of course, look back at all the project’s technical components and share the knowledge gained over the past four years by presenting an in-depth analysis of the project’s key factors for success and the difficulties encountered by those involved. Those who helped to produce the geographical information will be present as well as its users in order to exchange on the new applications that have been developed from the data produced by the IGM for this project. 

Tanzania selects a consortium led by IGN FI to design and install its integrated land management information system

In July 2016, IGN FI was awarded the project funded by the World Bank, to design, supply, install and commission the Integrated Land Management Information System (ILMIS) of Tanzania.
Since 2001, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development of Tanzania (MLHHSD) that is responsible for the land administration sector, has been incrementally implementing computerized systems at land office, land zonal offices and land offices in the Local Government Authorities (LGA) to facilitate the management of land records. Although this computerization clearly improved business operations within the Ministry, the citizens are still facing several problems among which unreliable information, slow and complex processes, uncertainty of land tenure for the main issues. 

IGN FI invited to debate on the issues associated with a French spatial policy to help development

The IRD, CNES, IGN FI and Cirad jointly organised an event during the Toulouse Space Show on June 30th 2016 called "Observation of land in Africa, the issues for development".
IGN FI, as well as several other private companies alongside various public entities, were able to show the potential of spatial observation in Africa by presenting the applications linked to resource management (biodiversity, water, soils, fishing, etc.) and territories.
Representatives from the IRD, AFD , CNES and IGN FI then debated on the issues surrounding a French spatial policy to help development.

New 1/200,000 scale baseline mapping for Mali: the project comes to an end in September 2016

The European Union called on IGN FI in October 2012 for a project to rework Mali’s 1/200,000 scale national topographic map, create derived projects and services and modernize the Geographic Institute of Mali (IGM). This project, financed by means of the 10th EDF (European Development Funds) has a dual objective:
- Creating a national reference database to be used as a basis for producing  the country’s new 1/200,000 scale topographic map as well as a complete set of derived products and services,
- Guarantee the transfer of a complete range of skills to personnel thanks to support from the Technical Assistance provided.

Reinforced satellite monitoring for Central and Western African forests

The OSFACO program began on March 14th and aims to consolidate the information gained from two projects as well as improve knowledge on past and present dynamics in terms of land occupation in the 8 recipient countries:
- OSFT, where SPOT images covering 3 million km² of the Congo Basin territory have already been made available to over 70 recipient projects, and
- GEOFORAFRI, a project working on the reinforcement of capabilities and means for accessing satellite data and which already finances over thirty research projects in Central and Western Africa. 

The Geographical Institute of Congo calls on IGN FI’s expertise to develop the use of geographical information in DR Congo

Christophe DEKEYNE, the Executive Director of IGN FI visited Kinshasa on March 10th to sign a framework agreement aimed at supporting the DRC in the various uses it can make of geographical information and in the deployment of its Geographical Institute, the IGC. 

The ceremony took place at the Salon Bleu in the Government building in Kinshasa in the presence of the Minister of Scientific Research and Technology, Daniel MADIMBA KALONJI, the IGC supervisory minister, the scientific and cultural attaché to the French Embassy in DR Congo, Philippe LARRIEU, and the Executive Director of the IGC, Albert MBUYUNUMBI. 

Borders: the Republic of the Congo calls on technical expertise from IGN France International

The Ministry for Home Affairs and Decentralisation of the Republic of the Congo has called on IGN France International to accompany them in their meetings with the border commissions of neighbouring countries.  

The project officially started on 2 September 2015 with the launch meeting held in Brazzaville and is expected to last for one year.

Modernization of land administration services in Uganda

The Government of Uganda with support from the World Bank has selected a consortium led by IGN France International to implement the second phase of the computerization of land registry. The DeSINLISI project will lead to the establishment of National Land Information System Infrastructure.

Signature of an executive agreement between the MRSIT and IGN: the first step towards IGN Congo

The MRSIT (Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation) in Congo and IGN, the French Institute for Geographic and Forestry Information, signed an executive collaboration contract on July 1st in Brazzaville.

IGN France International takes part in the 16th FICA Forum dedicated to border issues

The 16th IHEDN (Higher Institute of National Defence) forum concerning the African continent (FICA) will take place in Paris from May 28th to June 4th 2015.

This year, the forum’s theme is the subject of borders. IGN France International will join the African Union Border programme manager to present the advantages of geographical information provided for running ‘border’ projects.

Congo: technical assistance on updating the country’s existing roadways database

A contract was signed in Paris last January between the Congolese Ministry of Roads and Public Works and IGN France International for a preliminary study on updating the country’s existing roadways database.

Once this database is fully operational; it will be used as a decision-making tool for the Ministry and various institutions in charge of road network maintenance as well enabling the management of Congo’s road heritage.

Burkina Faso has updated its national base map

In 2011, IGN France International was awarded the project funded by the European Union in the context of the 10th European Development Fund, to update the national base map of Burkina Faso.

Completed between 2011 and 2015, this project consisted in the creation of 34 topographic maps at a scale of 1.200 000 as well as the updating of the national topographic database.

Benin: the modernisation of the national base map officially launched 

The consortium involving IGN France International/ IGN France and IMAO won the tender for the completion of the Benin national base map. The project officially started December, 16th, 2014 with the organization of the kick-off meeting in Cotonou in presence of the European Union representative in Benin, the Minister of environment responsible for climate change, reforestation and natural resources protection and the UNDP resident representative.

Ethiopia prepares for implementation of Urban Land Information System

The Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction (MUDHCo) prepares to launch the implementation of Urban Land Information System project. One of the objectives of the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction (MUDHCo) is to curb the problems of mismanagement and rent seeking in urban sector through establishment of the Cadastre and Real Property Registration System.

Chad: Photographic and cartographic funds historical heritage

The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Housing (MATUH) and the French National Institute for Forestry and Geographic information (IGN France) organized on April 30th at N'Djamena in presence of the highest Chad authorities a ceremony to give the Government of Chad photographic and cartographic funds historical heritage of inestimable interest.

BURKINA FASO: Delivery ceremony of the first maps at a scale of 1:200 000

Started in February 2011, the project consists of updating the country’s map coverage at a scale of 1: 200 000 in order to complete a national database and topographic maps covering the entire country. A ceremony of delivery of the first new maps was organized in Ouagadougou on January, 30th.

GABON: Success for the seminar of presentation of the PNG’s national implementation (press release in French)

The seminar organized by ANINF (Agence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquences gabonaises), l’INC (National mapping institute) and IGN France International was a success. More than 100 participants attended the conference. In the perspective of the implementation at a national scale of the National Geomatic Plan (PNG), the objective of the meeting was to present the main steps and the added value of implementing a National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

New shareholders for IGN France International

Key player in the fields of mapping and geographic information, IGN France International changed shareholding. On March 29th, the companies group FIT, IMAO and group ALTEREO entered the IGN France International capital.  IGN, the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, that remains the majority shareholder, and the companies Esri International and Esri France, renewed their confidence in IGN France International.

IGN FI attended the World Bank Conference on land and poverty (8/11 April)

IGN France International attended the World Bank Conference on land and poverty that took place in Washington (April, 8th/ 11th). At this occasion, the DeSILISoR project (Design, Supply, Installation, Implementation of the Land Information System and Securing of Land Records) that just finished in Uganda, was presented.

The new border lines between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is from now on materialized and mapped

The State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have decided to modify the border lines part of their common borders. In 2010, IGN France International, the subsidiary for export of the French Institute of Geographic and forest information (IGN), was awarded a tender that will achieve the demarcation of the land borders and the determination of offshore borders lines between the two countries.

Initiated in 2010, the project of demarcation of the land borders and determination of offshore border lines between Saudi Arabia and Qatar officially ended up last February.

Read the press release 

The programme for the supply of SPOT images for the countries of the Congo Basin enters a new phase

In December of 2009, France committed to make SPOT4, 5 and future SPOT6 and 7 images acquired from 2010-2015 as well as archived images from 2000 available to the countries of the Congo Basin.
This provision is effective as of the signature of a framework agreement at the end of 2010 between the French Agency for Development (AFD) and the Astrium group (in charge of providing the satellite images). Part of the process for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and the Degradation of forests (REDD+), this programme is conducted by IGN France International in charge of the project management on behalf of AFD. IGN (National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information), CNES (National Centre of Spatial Studies), IRD (Institute of Research for Development) and ONF International are also associated with the project. 

5 countries have already signed the « National Authority » license that gives them the opportunity to provide satellite images to local beneficiaries. 

Read the press release

IGN France International chosen to assist the Abu Dhabi Departement of Municipal affairs

In December 2012, IGN France International was selected to provide technical assistance to the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) in unifying the standards and specifications of the survey activities in three municipalities and in implementing the Land Survey Act to organize and regulate the surveyors’ activities.

Read the press release

LAND ADMINISTRATION: Success for the regional event in Kampala, January 17-18, 2013

IGN France International, the leader of the international consortium engaged in the Design, Supply, Installation, Implementation of the Lands Information System and Securing of Land Records (DeSIILISoR) project in Uganda organized a regional conference in Kampala, Uganda (January 17th and 18th) on the theme:

 Modernization of land administration and management systems Implementation of Land Information Systems (LIS): sharing experiences, innovations and good practices.

Read the press release

IGN France INTERNATIONAL will preside the session dedicated to land administration issues in Africa

 The Geospatial World Forum will be held on April 23-27, 2012 in Amsterdam and will bring together the geomatic field’s most influential decision-makers (mapping agencies, institutional decision-makers, image and equipment providers…) and the user community. On this occasion, IGN France International will preside the session dedicated to land administration issues in Africa.

 The land issue is at the heart of agricultural policies, land use planning in urban or rural areas, management of natural resources and economic development. Africa is increasingly aware of the underlying economic and social issues related to this topic and is beginning to see the need to define land administration policies while considering their specific needs and contexts.

 Given the expertise that IGN France International has acquired in Africa in the land field, Nathalie MARTHE BISMUTH, General Manager of the French IGN’s (National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information) export subsidiary, will preside the session devoted to land administration issues in Africa. 

Read the press release

IGN France International presented the resultats of its preliminary study for the rehabilitation of Haiti's geographic reference information

The geographic data acquired in the emergency situation following the earthquake that ravaged Haiti in January of 2010 have unfortunaltely not been able to be put to optimal use. The country of France finaced a prelimianry study aiming to operationnally rehabilitate the Haitian National Centre of Geo-Spatial information (CNIGS) and to reconstruct the country's geographic reference information. 

On March 22nd, IGN France International presented the results of the preliminary study conducted for the rehabilitation of the CNIGS abd the reconstruction of their geogrpahic reference information in Port-Au-Prince. This seminar took place in the presence of representatives from the French Embassy and several users affected by geographic information in Haiti. 

Read the press release 

The countries of the Congo Basin are using geo-spatial technologies for the sustainable development of forest ecosystems

The partnership established in 2010 between the AFD and Astrium aims, in the long term, to freely distribute SPOT satellite images to governments, public institutions and NGOs that work for the sustainable management of forests in Central Africa.

This programme for the provision of SPOT satellite images, which is financed by the AFD for a total sum of 8.5 million Euros, is now entering its second phase. It is piloted by French institutions specialising in the field of spatial observation united as a consortium led by IGN France International (IGN FI) and made up of the National Centre for Spatial Studies (CNES), the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) and the Institute of Research for Development (IRD).

Read the press release

Success for the regional seminar: African decision-makers met in Ouagadougou to elaborate on the discussions around NSDI

The regional event organised by IGN France International and the French IGN, in close collaboration with the Geographic Institute of Burkina (IGB), the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Africa (CEA) and Esri entitled “National Spatial Data Infrastructures: which benefits for emerging countries?” was a success.

More than 150 participants coming from upwards of twenty different African countries were present in Ouagadougou for this seminar. Many high level figures attended the event, including Burkina Faso’s Minister for Animal Resources as well as the Minister for the Promotion of Human Rights and Civic Education, the Chief of State General of the Army of Burkina Faso, representatives from embassies in Chad, Japan, Algeria and Morocco and technical counsellors from numerous African ministries. We would also like to highlight the exceptional participation of numerous general managers from different African mapping departments.

Read the press release

IGN Magazine n°65

Read the article (in French) highlighting the importance of National Spatial Data infrastructures inititatives. It presents in detail the project IGN France International led in Gabon

Read the article about the presentation of the results of the pilot projects

Burkina Faso is updating its national cartography

The country of Burkina Faso is updating its mapping at a scale of 1:200,000, much like Senegal did recently. This project, backed by European financing in the context of the 10th European Development Fund, will be entirely completed by the Geographic Institute of Burkina (IGB) with technical support from IGN France International. Read the press release

This project which will last three years will allow for the creation of 34 topographic maps at a scale of 1:200,000 as well as the updating of the national topographic database. The project's different products will strengthen the national heritage of spatial reference data that will be made available to administrations, the private sector or civil society for better decision-making. 

REDD+ : the IGN France International-led consortium provides project management assistance

IGN France International, the export subsidiary of IGN France, is provinding project management assistance in the context of the REDD+ inititative, within a programme for the supply of SPOT images for the countries of the Congo Basin. Thios programme, financed by the French Agency for development (AFD) and implemented by the French company Astrium, is part of the Reduction of Emissionslinked to Deforestation of Forests (REDD+) process. 

Read the press release

IGN France International exclusive partner of the day dedicated to mapping agencies (ICC2011)

In July of 2011, the field of cartography will be honoured at the Palais des Congrès in Paris during a week-long event called the International Cartographic Conference. IGN France International, the export subsidiary of the French IGN (National Geographic Institute) will be highly involved in this prestigious event that presents a privileged opportunity for exchanging ideas between different nationalities.

IGN France International will be the exclusive partner of the day dedicated to Mapping agencies that will take place on Wednesday, July 6th.

 Read the press release

IGN France International and Reims Aviation deliver the F406 for photographing and mapping Tunisia

Read the press release

Urban cartography in Senegal: IGN France International will complete the urban cartography in 7 main towns

The main towns of the country are lacking in both databases and precise and up-to-date cartography.

This project that will last 25 months, will provide the Sewerage National Office with relevant information useful for the urban development of the targeted areas. The Office has selected the 7 priority towns that are the following: Dakar, Thiès, Mbour, Saly, Louga, Kaolack and St-Louis. Last December, IGN France International won a bid launched by the European Union, on the completion of an urban cartographic database.

Read the press release

IGN France International will supervise work for the creation of a geodetic network of Cameroon

 Last December, IGN France International was awarded the technical assistance contract for the supervision of work leading to the update of the country’s geodetic network. The work will be completed by the Fugro Geoid company

Agriculture: very strong participation at the regional seminar organized by IGN France International in Cairo

Decembre 2010
Thanks to this technical seminar that took place on December 19th at the Marriott Hotel, IGN France International highlighted the contribution of geographic information in the field of agriculture. Component increasingly important, geographic information contributes in the elaboration of relevant tools dedicated to the decision-makers from the agricultural sector.

100 participants coming from 13 African countries (Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Sudan…) took the opportunity of this seminar to share their experience

  Read the press release
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IGN France International involved in SIG 2010 at Versailles

IGN France International attended SIG 2010, that is the ESRI conference that took place at Versailles on September 2010. At this occasion, IGN France International shared its experience in two key sectors: environment and land administration. 

Saudi Arabia/ Qatar: IGN France International produces the cartography of their border zone

Ten years after the completion of a first demarcation of the border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, IGN France International, export subsidiary of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN), has been awarded a new tender which will carry on from the previous project.

 Read the press release
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IGN France International maps floods zones in the Dakar region in Senegal

In September of 2009, IGN France International offered to complete a detailed analysis of the topography of flooded areas, in partnership with the Senegalese company GAI. This project was made up of an historical study and a detailed analysis of the topography of the flooded and flood-prone areas, as well as the completion of a GIS. It was carried out for the Jaxaay plan (Project for the construction of social housing and the prevention of flooding and shanty towns)

 Read the project sheet

IGN France International and BCI Navigatio combine forces for the production of cartogrpahic data

June 2010
IGN France International and BCI NAVIGATION have established a partnership agreement in order to become a key player in the Mobility market in emerging and developing countries. Through this agreement, both parties offer highly innovative solutions for navigable digitalcartography that respond particularly to the needs of the targeted countries.

Read the press release

Prix Paris Export

IGN France International was awarded the Grand Paris Exportation Prize, by a prestigious jury composed of professionals coming from major international organisations (Ubifrance, in charge of the promotion of French companies abroad, Oseo, in charge of the financing of innovative projects, financial organisations…).

Read the press release

AfricaGIS 2009

IGN France International attended AfricaGIS 2009 in Uganda. 

Read the press release

IGN France International to contribute supplying Serbia with a national spatial data infrastructure

June 2009
In partnership with Spot Infoterra, a division of Astrium Services, IGN France International will supply a complete system including geoinformation data and services to the Serbian Geodesy Institute. 

Read the press release

Map Middle East (Information Spatiale)

April 2009
IGN France International attended the 5th edition of the international exhibition Map Middle East at Abu Dhabi. This exhibition is dedicated to the global geographic information and its applications. 

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IMAGINA (Aménagement et Urbanisme Durables)

February 2009
IGN France International has presented its 3D solution for city management. 

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POLLUTEC (l'information géographique dans les projets environnementaux)  

December 2008
IGN France International highlighted the importance of geographic information in major environmental projects. 

More about our references in this field 

IGN Magazine n°49 (IGN FI : tout un monde à découvrir)

Septembre/ octobre 2008 
IGN France International presents its know how and fields of intervention.