The CAMA solution of IGN France International: automatic calculation of land values

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Developed by IGN France International, this solution is a unique tool for all who wish to accurately calculate land values. It is used for both the calculation of land and property values. The CAMA solution of IGN France International can be configured depending on local and administrative specificities and strictly respects international assessment standards. 
The CAMA solution of IGN France International runs on a GIS platform.


The CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) solution of IGN France International is composed of 7 specific modules:   

Data management
Market sales analysis
Estimation and choice of assessment methods 
Assessment calculation
Objection and appeals treatment
Workflow management
► Accessibility and rights management

The advantages of the CAMA tool:    

The CAMA solution of IGN France International benefits from the expertise acquired by IGN France International in the context of its privileged relationship with the General Directorate of French Public Finances.



Thanks to the comprehensive vision it provides of land heritage, the CAMA solution of IGN France International is an important tool for professionals who participate in the implementation of legal and fiscal systems. It also allows taxpayers to benefit from a fairer tax base.

The tool targets both public and private entities:

Public entities
Municipalities, local communities or State departments in charge of tax calculation (Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Agriculture...) or organisations whose mission is to prevent any land disputes.

 Private entities
- Companies or large groups who wish to accurately identify their properties and to calculate their values
- Insurance companies which rely on the reliability of the CAMA tool in order to refine their pricing policy
- Banks that try to best assess the land heritage values of their clients…
The CAMA solution of IGN France International's features will respond to the specific needs of notaries, surveyors...


IGN France International provided a CAMA type application to the department of land assessment in Namibia. Wishing to establish a transparent and fair land tax based solely on "commercial" agricultural land, the local authorities wanted to implement a land assessment application that was adapted to the specificities of their local context.

IGN France International also provided and installed the material necessary for the training of different users.

 IGN France International is a member of the IAAO (International Association of Assessing officers), whose vocation is to promote innovation and excellence concerning land assessment administration, property assessment and land taxation policies.

Find out more about the Namibian CAMA project

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