Cadastre, Land Registry, Land Valuation

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Land administration, cadastre, "titling" and land valuation projects are major concerns in many countries given the underlying economic and social stakes. Because of their importance, major financing organisations must often find ways to finance these projects that aim to generate land security, promote the development of the land market and improve the transparency of land values.

Geographic information is an essential component of these projects, whether taking the form of the collection and updating of cadastral data or the development of information systems allowing the management of property activites, and more particularly the management of land titles.

IGN France International has developed an expertise in this field that is recognised worldwide, strengthened by its relationship with the General Directorate of French Public Finances (DGFiP), the entity in charge of cadastre, the management of the land registry and the definition of property taxation policies in France. 

It is thus able to design and implement solutions adapted to each encountered problem in both technical and legal aspects.

Uganda • Implementation of a land information system


Nicaragua • Supervision and production of cadastral work

IGN France International is currently implementing a Land Information System (LIS) project launched jointly by the Government of Uganda and the World Bank that aims to rehabilitate and secure existing titles, registrable instruments and cadastral maps from continuous degradation by converting them into digital form. The implementation of the LIS, provision of IT equipment, extensive training and capacity building of the Ministry of Lands' staff and performance of public awareness campaigns aim to ensure faster, more secure and transparent delivery of services to the general public.

See the LIS project sheet


IGN France International supervised cadastral work in the departement of Chinandega. This project aimed to supervise the field work on both parcel and legal aspects performed by an independent third-party company.

IGN France International also produced cadastral data over the provinces of Esteli and Madriz. This realisation necessitated the creation of an entity that regrouped more than 200 local topographers and legal assistants, all of whom were trained by IGN France International.

See the cadastral supervision sheet

Vietnam • Modernisation and updating of the land system


Namibia • Acquisition, delivery and installation of a CAMA-type land assessment application

This study was based on the modernisation and updating of the land system of the three main cities of Vietnam. The project is meant to analyse the legal foundations of land administration and to make recommendations concerning the modernisation of the land administration and of the updating process of cadastral files. The study also integrates recommendations for strengthening the capacities of local land administrations.

See the modernisation of the land system project sheet


IGN France International developed a land assessment application for the Namibian Ministry of Lands and Ressettlement (MLR). This application, called CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal), provides automatic calculations of land values for land and property. It with contribute to the implementation of a transparent and fair land tax.

This project built on the completion of two pilot projects in the field, the first in Serbia in the context of a collaborative effort with Spot Image and the second in Indonesia in the context of a European technical programme.

See the CAMA project sheet
See the article in ArcNews on the Namibian project

See the CAMA product brochure

Download the complete Cadastre/Land Registry/Land Valuation brochure
Download the complete CAMA product sheet