Agriculture and forestry

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Geographic information is crucial in countries where food security is in danger and where agriculture is an important part of the economy. The theme of forestry has become an essential component of the international plan of action regarding global warming, and notably in the context of the REDD+ mechanism, a programme dedicated to preventing deforestation and the degradation of forests in developing or emerging countries. 

The data produced and their integration in "field-oriented" applications is designed to assist public decision-makers or sector professionals in the decision making process. For example, they contribute to the detailed identification of agricultural lands and forests, to monitoring land use evolution, or to accurately determining the types of crops or forests in a given area.

Inventories performed in this way allow us to measure the impact of human activity or the impact of natural phenomena on these types of land use, for example. It is also possible to measure the fluctuation corresponding to urban growth, the intensification/extensification of agriculture or even deforestation. 

IGN France International offers its services to the entities involved in the agricultural and forestry fields for producing geographic data, providing business information systems and decision-making tools, or for providing project management assistance. 

Burkina Faso • Land use and diagnosis database


Egypt • Monitoring and assessment of the urban pressure exerted on agricultural lands

The entirety of work under this project was completed in Burkina Faso using Landsat TM and ETM satellite image coverage, and by a diverse team of multidisciplinary experts. The equipment was provided by IGN France International. 

These two land use databases called "BDOT1992" and "BDOT2002" and the changes database, resulting from the difference of the two BDOT databases, made up a fundamental source of information on the implementation of biophysical accounts, follow-up and diachronic analysis of the land use changes that appeared, notably on the steppes and savannahs during this decade.

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This project, resulting from a close collaboration between IGN France International and the French ministry in charge of  agriculture, allowed the design and realization of a statistical monitoring methodology for urban sprawl on agricultural lands and the extension of agricultural lands on the desert, on all of the Nile valley and Delta and over a period of 20 years, between 1985 and 2005.

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Congo Basin • Delegated project management for the supply of Spot images as part of the REDD+ initiative


Central America & Caribbean • Hydrological and environmental monitoring (SHERPA)

IGN France International is the leader of a consortium for project assistance in the context of the REDD+ initiative and a programme for the provision of SPOT images for 6 forest-rich countries in the Congo Basin (Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon). This programme, financed by the French Agency of Development (AFD) and implemented by the French company Astrium, is part of the REDD+ process. 

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Since 1999, IGN France International has been working on behalf of the French ministry in charge of environment to raise awareness of the importance of the CORINE system among the countries of the Caribbean isthmus and Central America.

Within this campaign, a feasibility study was conducted on the basin of Rio-Lempa in order to adapt the Corine Land Cover (CLC) nomenclature to its regional specificities and to launch environmental applications based on this database. This land use information proved to be so useful for the launch of specific thematic applications that the extension of the database over the entire territory of El Salvador has since been financed and completed.

Download the environmental monitoring project sheet

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